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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing a websites position in the search engine results pages through different activities such as; content creation, linking and Pay Per Click (PPC).

For most businesses, the process of SEO begins with identifying the keywords and/or phrases they wish to rank highly for. Ideally these should be highly relevant to the goods/services offered and relate to any specific geographic locations in which they operate.

Once the target phrases have been established, a business then needs to come up with an SEO strategy and implement a system which allows them to track any progress made.

Activities undertaken greatly vary between each individual business, depending on their industry, level of competition, budget and time constraints.

PPC is common type of internet marketing which allows a business to pay for an advertisement to appear in a prominent part of a search engine results page for their selected keywords and phrases. Most search engines offer this facility, with Google Ads being the most commonly known and used.

PPC Ads can be customised to each business and include links back to their website and contact details. Recent developments also allow for ads to be targeted towards specific criteria such as geographical location.