Client Engagement

Please click here to see our full list of Client Engagement partners. In the table below you will see partners ranked based on the client experience feedback they have received in the last 3 months.


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Client Engagement

    Client or Customer engagement refers to business communication and the connection between an external stakeholder (client or consumer) and an organisation (company or brand) developed through various channels of correspondence. This connection can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience, which takes place online and offline. 

    I think the value for us is the fact that we've been able to quantify the value of work that we're delivering, and also get some completely independent, unfettered feedback, so we get some home truths that perhaps wouldn't be...
    Catherine Jenkins
    Maxx Design

    Engagement can be positive or negative in nature, for example, a Client or Customer may have very positive emotional ties to an organisation with which they interact.  Conversely, they can have very negative emotional ties.  A disengaged Client or Customer is the opposite of engaged, signifying an absence of engagement or emotional attachment.

    Marketing specialists Find a Creative Pro called in Enquir3 to carry out client engagement surveys.

    Helen Forsyth
    Find a creative pro

    Company Comment
    Firstly Helen, thank you for taking the time to give us your valuable feedback. We’re looking forward to working with you and your clients in the...

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