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I like the fact that Tony is always available when we need to speak to him. Much better than our previous accountant as they deal with us and do things that we ask them to.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Payroll, Accounts and Audit, Management Reporting, Transactions
They're nice people. I'm pretty scatty so what they've done is given us structure, and confidence in my figures. A client of mine recommended them.
Name:William Richardson
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Environmental Management Consultancy
Company:Green Element Limited
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit
Personally I enjoy the openness and the informality of it. I'm not terribly detailed so I don't enjoy the traditional world of accounting. I sold one of my businesses 3-4 yrs ago and we were with Thomas Quinn and the new owners moved them to a more stuffy accountant. With Thomas Quinn, with Phil and Tony, it's easy to pick up the phone, ask a straight question and get a straight answer, where the other accountants want to sit on the fence and not commit to anything without a full set of information. It's the accessibility of information and direction from the top. We still do work with them with other businesses and my initial connection with them saved us quite a lot of money when I first signed up 20 years ago. They identified areas where my fledgling business was missing out and could save a lot of money. Tax advice has been very good and advantageous, and business structure; when I joined them I was in my late 20's and had a niche business, and I got a...
Name:Neil Greatorex
Job Title:Owner/Director
Sector:Property, Leisure & Hospitality
Company:Young World Holdings
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Payroll, Accounts and Audit, Management Reporting, Transactions, Reorganisation
Thomas Quinn are efficient: they get stuff done on time, and they're friendly, and helpful. I can forget about my accounting problems. I've only used Thomas Quinn since the start of the company, and I chose them as they're local which is important to me.
Name:Gavin Ashford
Job Title:Director
Sector:Confined Space Safety
Company:Orcus Safety Limited
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit
I know them; I know Phil and I know Tony. Thomas Quinn have satisfied all the questions we ask. We've been in business for 50 years and worked with Thomas Quinn for about 14 years. Phil's very good and always resolves my issues. They're very pleasant people and certainly experts in their field.
Name:Gordon Leach
Job Title:Chairman
Sector:Injection Moulding & Tool Making
Company:RGE Engineering Limited
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit, Management Reporting, Raising Capital
They're friendly, always want to help, they're obliging, and efficient. I've never been caught up in any tax investigations so I guess they do it correctly. They advise me in all sorts of ways which benefit my business. They are much better than other accountants I've used in terms of friendliness and efficiency.
Name:Alan Margetts
Job Title:Proprietor
Sector:Vetinary Surgeon
Company:Margetts & Associates (Ashford)
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit
When Thomas Quinn took over my previous accountant's practice it was pretty much seamless. There wasn't any initial meeting with the new company, they just informed me they were taking on Edwards customers, and the rates stayed abut the same, so I was happy to stay on until I wasn't happy anymore, and that never happened. I'm self employed as a sole trader, so it's really just a case of getting over my books and letting them go over it and put it in to the tax man. They always keep me well informed on tax changes, and during covid they kept me informed by email of if I was eligible for any claims.
Name:Stephen Mascar
Job Title:Sole Trader
Sector:Furniture Restoration
Company:Cambridge Furniture Restoration
Service(s) Provided: Accounts and Audit
I like the proactiveness, they'll help you out. In terms of cashflow and things we're better. They understand our business, they understand how we work, and the advice we get from them is better for that. They're good, we're happy with them.
Name:Pravin Gohil
Job Title:Finance Director
Company:Syncom Installations Limited
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit, Raising Capital, Reorganisation
I like that I can phone individuals and get hold of them as opposed to getting passed around, I like that I get their mobile numbers so I can call in an emergency and I like that I deal with the same person time and time again. I've been with Thomas Quinn for 20 odd years which speaks for itself. I've been happy with their service
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Payroll, Accounts and Audit, Management Reporting, Raising Capital, Transactions, Reorganisation
The person who deals with our accounts on a regular basis, Kevin, is perfect to be honest; he just lets me get on with it, but if I need him he's there at the drop of a hat and will help me through whatever I need. Everything is all up to date. I try to make their life easier by making sure things are right my end, and I always query with them if I have an issue before I put it in Sage, to make his life easier. It's just so easy. He has time, even if it's a stupid question; he doesn't treat me like an idiot, he'll just check it. It's reassurance. I've worked for companies that had dealings with accountants who took eleven months to get end of year journals back to you, and I don't have that with Thomas Quinn. It's nice to have someone at the end of the phone, or email, who I can contact. I was having a problem the other week and even after an email I wasn't sure, so he just dropped everything and came over. He's a real credit...
Name:Rachel Cox
Job Title:Accounts Manager
Sector:Vehicle Repair
Company:SAV Motors Limited
Town:St Ives
Service(s) Provided: Corporate Tax, Accounts and Audit, Management Reporting, Transactions


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