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It was time to update our websites and put them on an up-to-date technology platform, refresh the content and the design and improve the on-line purchasing facility. I had worked with IRUNbefore and had no hesitation in using their services again. They adopt a very collaborative approach and were able to incorporate our own design ideas with theirs. The ongoing contact between the Irun team and in particular Daniel was excellent and the final product was as we desired. On-going support since launch has also been excellent. This is 5 websites that IRUN and in particular Daniel and I have worked on and I have no hesitation in recommending IRUN's services.
Name:Chris Clemence
Job Title:Commercial Director
Company:Eyeplan Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
We approached IRUN for some feedback and guidance relating to potential improvements for our website that would facilitate and encourage increased website traffic and improve the functionality and appeal of the website to new users. Daniel listened to our concerns and our needs, he understood our Company position in the Industry/Market, and also understood our website users’ needs. Daniel acted promptly to our request for assistance; arranging a video call and full review of our website. It was clear that Daniel had done significant prep work prior to the call and he was able to explain technical information in a way that a non-web designer could understand. Daniel was able to answer all of our questions and offered a number of genuinely beneficial improvement suggestions. Daniel’s experience and expertise was apparent straight from the first conversation. ...
Name:Dawn Williams
Job Title:Head of Business Compliance & Marketing
Company:Boundary Precision Engineering
Service(s) Provided:
I was looking for a new provider as I wanted a more professional website for my business with a company who offered support throughout the process, as this is not area of expertise for me. The service I received from IRUN was very impressive. I felt that my hand was held throughout the whole process, and I am absolutely delighted with the end product. I was also very impressed of the speed and the build of the website. Changes were implemented very quickly. Overall, their customer service is 5 stars. I would most definitely recommend IRUN, not only because of the excellent quality of works but also their superb customer service.
Name:Stewart Brown
Company:Tandem Business Solutions
Service(s) Provided:
I've worked with Irun for about 8 years now and you always get a personal service. I've worked with other companies before, but I know with Irun that, no matter how I put it across in layman's terms, they get it; Andrew is there to take my language and communicate it with the developers in their terms to get it all done. Irun have given us the website that we had initially planned out in our heads, and then some. The timescale was really stretched out, so the fact that they waited on me for almost 2 years while we sorted out what we wanted and made changes, the patience and complete respect of them putting their work on the line for 2 years while we sorted what we wanted, and then to pick it up and then just charge with it at the end (and I understand it was a bit of a hard push at the end there to get it all done) has been really really good. There's a lot of things where I've said "This is what we need" and they've come back to say ...
Name:Tracy Surtees
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
Quick response and excellent assistance. We really appreciate the guidance/assistance given by the team at Irun, always extremely helpful and professional
Name:Karen Coyle
Job Title:Office Manager
Company:Gymkit Gymnasium Services Limited
Service(s) Provided:
IRUN knew what I wanted and got on and did it. It was quite straightforward. I think it's benefited our business to some extent. It's the second time they've done a website for me. I've only used two or three website companies but IRUN are definitely the best I've used; It's their attention to detail, and they're always attentive.
Name:Tim Royce
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Supply and Installation of Turf and Irrigation Systems
Company:Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
IRUN understand what you want and take care to make sure that they listen so that you get what you want. ...
Name:Stephen Yates
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:IT Cleaning
Company:IT Cleaning Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
Irun have been really helpful. They've helped me to understand the site better than I did previously. I had an existing site and they've really revamped it for me . It existed but it wasn't doing anything so they've built it up and revamped. It's incorporated the opportunity to include my business partner. We've expanded the content and layout, it's much easier to navigate. What they did was basically analyse where it was gave examples as to how others were doing it, and from that we've increased the content of it quite enormously on this project. I did use a previous website developer to set it up where pretty much I had to do all of the content without much knowledge of websites; from that perspective what I had was an online brochure that did nothing, so I felt I'd created my online presence, which was important, but I had something that was worthless as a marketing tool. Working with Dan and the team I now have something...
Name:Alison Davis
Job Title:Chatered Financial Planner
Sector:Chartered Financial Planner
Company:Mulberry Wealth
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
IRUN are always available on the phone if you need them,and they give you that personal service which is what really attracts. They've developed a website for us. We've worked together closely with them and they've produced good quality work.
Name:Shad Khan
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
The first time I'd used them and they were recommended by one of my colleagues. They were extremely succinct in being able to get to where we needed to be and deliver against what we expected. The primary objective was to revamp a website which was a first draft just to get it out there. What IRUN have been doing is providing something which, I think, is closer to the message we want to be delivering to the market, and easier to navigate. We are planning to use them in subsequent web development. They're faster to respond than other web developers we've used in the past; Others have been slower and less cooperative.
Name:Alfie Taylor
Service(s) Provided: Website Development


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IRUN has been established by business people for business people. We are business, sales and marketing professionals, who deliver internet business solutions for any organisation.

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From the beginning, IRUN set out with the sole intention of delivering outstanding support and value to business clients in the small to medium sized enterprise (SME) sector. Our clients are simply showered with 'value add' services.

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