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Inca are local and I Googled "local accountants", but when I went to meet them they were nice, and very friendly. I looked at reviews and they seemed quite good; it was a good choice. I got my accounts done which is what you need to do. Last year was my first and I left it quite late but Inca were really good about getting it sorted in a short time frame. I'm in year 2 now and Inca have been good about little queries of what I can and can't do, they get back to me quickly (I sent an email one Saturday when I was thinking of something, and had a reply by Monday morning) so I've been quite impressed with that, and they've booked a call to help me make the best of my accounts by the year end; they've been pretty proactive. I had a businesses years ago which I wound up, and this experience is totally different. I found my previous accountant through family. He wasn't local, and it wasn't proactive, so I'm not sure I got all the best...
Name:Tom Duncan
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Private Medical
Company:HDA Services Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
There's a lot of positive aspects to dealing with Inca - so many of them in fact I don't know where to start! I originally met them through business networking and Graham was speaking on various subjects at a lot of the events, but it was difficult to change accountants initially. Then the time came that it made sense and I moved to Inca without any hesitation. ...
Company CommentThank you, Edward, for your kind words. Edward Hollingshead is the Director of Webboutiques Limited. We are delighted to be working with Webboutiques Limited and we were especially pleased to be able to help them with the financial structure and planning of their business. Webboutiques Limited fixed price web solutions offer your business a complete package with support & training, full CMS and full custom web design. With hundreds of happy clients built up over the last decade you know you are in good hands.
Name:Edward Hollingshead
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Payroll, Dividend Support, Tax Returns
I do like that Inca actually seem to care about the business. Graham is quite open to chat and to give advice which I quite like. When he says he's a caring account, I think he's in business but is genuinely a caring accountant. Inca have given me a lot of help and advice with the accounts and they've helped me from the very beginning, all the way from payroll to corporation tax etc., and dealing with HMRC which is never easy. Financially they've given us the support and advice to go forward. We have a meeting every year to go through what we've achieved and what we should do with any additional money. They give us a lot of advice on where we are as a company as well which has been great. When we started the business somebody gave me Grahams name; I was told he was very good.
Company CommentHere at Inca, we’re always grateful for client’s feedback and the latest from Andy Dance, Director of Thames Valley Water Services, is no exception. We know how busy you are Andy, so thank you for taking the time to make these comments. Thames Water Services specialises in the complex Health and Safety aspects of Legionella compliance. Andy Dance’s company has 20 years’ experience in managing contracts for companies and organisations of all sizes, including the NHS, Police Authorities, Local Authorities, etc. Inca Accountants provides Thames Valley Water Services with a range of accountancy services including bookkeeping, their accounts, and tax returns. Inca’s ethos is all about supporting its clients in every possible way and delivering more than just the standard accountant’s services. Thanks again Andy, and don’t forget, we’re just a phone call away if you need us.
Name:Andy Dance
Job Title:Director
Sector:Water Treatment
Company:Thames Valley Water
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT, Auto Enrolment Support for Workplace Pensions, CIS, Tax Returns
Right from the start when I made an enquiry with Graham Carson, I found that he was very understanding of the position of a small business, and not wanting to commit too much money as you don't have it yet, and wanting to maximise income and be efficient in how you do things. As well as doing the straight accounting they give more support than you might expect, for example, running workshops for small business, so they go above and beyond as an accounting firm. Inca have mainly done what I would expect an accountancy to do so that's important, but it has also helped by giving the added advice I wouldn't normally expect; it's helped with business planning, marketing etc. which has been helpful. I came to Inca through a personal recommendation. Inca have been very helpful and I would heartily recommend them.
Company CommentWe are very grateful to Martin Gibson for his feedback on our accountancy services. Martin is Director of Earthly Gains Ltd, a business consultancy that enhances its clients’ environmental and social performance. Martin came to Inca Accountants through recommendation so we are delighted to have lived up to these expectations. Inca supports Earthly Gains with a range of accountancy services including managing payroll, and their annual accounts and tax affairs. We’re also appreciative of your additional constructive comments Martin, and will be working hard to ensure we take them on-board and act on them.
Name:Martin Gibson
Job Title:Director
Sector:Business Consultant focussing on Sustainability
Company:Earthly Gains Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Payroll, Company Support, Dividend Support, Tax Returns
Inca offer a personal touch and they are keen on a relationship. I'm a lot more relaxed about finances and tax since working with Inca. I went with Inca based on the recommendation of a friend. They're much better than others I've used; I feel they take the worry away.
Company CommentFirstly, we’d like to thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to give us your thoughts. The Director at Airtime Systems Ltd is a highly experienced security architect specialising in the technology and security sector. Inca Accountants looks after the Airtime Systems bookkeeping, annual accounts, payroll and other financial matters. We’re delighted to hear that you can now feel more relaxed about your affairs because that means the Inca team is doing its job properly! Thank you.
Name:Tremaine Callier
Job Title:Director
Sector:Computer Cosultancy
Company:Airtime Systems LTD
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Dividend Support, Tax Returns
Inca do everything that's relevant and nothing that's irrelevant; what they provide is perfectly aligned with what we need. Inca have supported our business for nearly 14 years now and whenever I've needed advice it's always been forthcoming. I switched to them very early on in the development of our business because I realised that our previous accountants, who I'd used to set up the company, were not really tuned in to the needs of businesses of our size and type.
Company CommentBob, firstly our sincere thanks for your generous comments and feedback. Bob Apollo is the Founder and Managing Director of Inflexion - Point Strategy Partners LTD. Bob works with B2B-focused sales organisations helping to stand out from the crowd and win new customers using a structured yet flexible value selling system®. Inca Accountants have supported Bob and his company by looking after key accountancy areas such as the annual accounts, payroll and tax returns. So thank you again Bob. It has been a privilege to work with you and we’re looking forward to the next 14 years!
Name:Bob Apollo
Job Title:Founder, Managing Director
Sector:Sales Consultancy
Company:Inflexion - Point Strategy Partners LTD
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Payroll, Dividend Support, Tax Returns
I particularly like the help with Xero that I get; I don't have to employ a bookkeeper. Business is up and down, and when I've had downs they've been very helpful and supportive. I've just got a tax rebate through which is good. Inca are very business minded and help to support my business, particularly their training that they offer; the one day seminars. The person helping me with my Xero has been very supportive. When I have any issues she's very helpful.
Company CommentRichard, thank you for your feedback and for your constructive comments. These are important to us and help make sure we are delivering the best possible service to our clients. Richard Jervis of RJ Design is a Chipping Norton-based graphic designer specialising in educational textbooks, working with leading global publishers in the education field. Richard uses an online accounting system and Inca’s expertise in this field means they can take these time-consuming chores off their client’s hands, freeing their time for more important jobs. Inca’s business workshops are also a great advantage to small businesses like RJ Design. These cover all aspects of running a business and are another example of Inca’s attention to detail when it comes to customer service.
Name:Richard Jervis
Job Title:Proprietor
Sector:Graphic Design specialising in Publishing and Brand Identity
Company:RJ Design
Town:Chipping Norton
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, VAT, Tax Returns
Inca are hassle free; I gave them a box full of receipts and they didn't even blink. It's freed up my time as I don't have to do that administration work. There wasn't any to and fro; I told them what I needed them to do, they got it done and came back for approval, and that was it.
Company CommentIsobel, thank you for your comments. We know it’s early days and you have only just starting working with Inca Accountants, but it’s important we’re delivering the right service from day one! Isobel Burns is co-owner of Navacent Ltd. Navacent delivers real estate asset management to its clients. This includes lifecycle management, service provider procurement and management services. Navacent Ltd have only recently appointed Inca and they look forward to experiencing a wider range of their accountancy services in the future.
Name:Isobel Burns
Job Title:Co-Owner
Company:Navacent LTD
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Bookkeeping, VAT, Tax Returns
Inca compare favourably with my limited experience of using other accountants. They sort my personal tax returns which have been more complicated than they needed to be. I mainly deal with Graham who is matter of fact, to the point, and will give you a straight answer in layman's terms rather than dancing around the issues, which is what I need. He's also a northern Irishman like myself which doesn't hurt his cause. I had some slightly complicated tax issues to deal with and Graham is pretty available. When we've needed to have a meeting he's been pretty flexible. I'm probably not an important client fee wise, from his point of view, but it certainly doesn't feel like that with the service I get from him. I'm not a business so I probably don't have the more complicated needs of others but for my purposes it's well priced, attentive and they can speak to me in layman's terms rather than getting bogged down in tax legalise.
Company CommentThanks for your superb feedback and high praise Jonathan. At Inca Accounting we aim to create unique accountancy experiences for all of our clients and do as best we can to make it ‘more than just the numbers’, so to hear you speak so kindly of Inca and my own services to you; truly means a lot. It’s very fulfilling for me to know that we are achieving our company goals of ‘caring accounting’, as we believe that our role is to make your life easier, no matter if you’re a business or individual. Whether this is by using plain language and taking the time to explain things to you or making ourselves available when you call to offer support and advice, we are happy to do so. We aim to make the process as ‘headache-less’ as possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to give direct and proper solutions to our clients, while also maintaining a caring and respectful relationship. Many thanks again and I look forward to your next call, Graham Carson – Managing Director.
Name:Jonathan McCormick
Service(s) Provided: Tax Returns
Helpful, jargon-free advice - and patience with overworked small business owners! Good value for money.
Company CommentThank you, Neil, for your kind words. Neil Beesley is the CEO of Altocirrus. We are delighted to be working with Altocirrus and we were especially pleased to be able to help them with their accounting and payroll needs. Altocirrus focus is entirely on Amazon AWS Cloud Computing. AWS is a game changer for many organisations. At last, there’s a major player allowing small- and medium-sized businesses to cut through the proverbial, and get straight to what they need, at a price they can actually afford.
Name:Neil Beesley
Job Title:CEO
Sector:IT Services
Service(s) Provided: Annual accounts, Payroll, VAT


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