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The important thing for me is that, when I have important queries or questions, the time is taken to get back to me; Jack comes back to me very quickly and that response time is very important to me. Burgis & Bullock take a lot of pressure off me basically. As a general manager there's a lot of transactions going on and it means I can focus on trying to grow the business rather than worrying about what bills are getting paid, what's in the bank, balances etc. Jack is really good, I think he's a fabulous guy.
Name:Gordon Graham
Job Title:General Manager
Sector:Sensor Manufacture and Sales
Company:First Sensor Technics Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
Burgis & Bullock have been extremely helpful and supportive. We've been with them since 2003. They were instrumental in helping us, and holding our hands, through setting up our business, and have been our 'go to' people for anything about running the business; rules, regulations, and finance obviously but it's a whole lot more than that. If I had to put it in a nutshell; I trust them. ...
Name:Adrienne Mitchell
Job Title:Director
Sector:Agricultural Public Relations
Company:ASM Public Relations Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I went in and Sean Farnell helped me with something for a loan at the bank which wasn't actually related to my business, and that was good and he did a good job so I jumped ship to Burgis & Bullock because of Sean Farnell. Burgis & Bullock have helped me grow and helped with aspects of business arrangements. They've been on hand, and really good. Burgis & Bullock are definitely more hands on, personal, spontaneous, and accessible than my previous accountant.
Name:George Denny
Job Title:Director
Sector:Property Planning & Development
Company:Statue Homes Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Audit, Tax Planning, Corporate Finance, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
Quick to respond and fast to act. Always protecting our business with the accountancy services provided.
Name:Elizabeth Law
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Bookkeeping & VAT
Burgis & Bullock are efficient and professional. I've been with them for more than 25 years. I highly recommend Burgis & Bullock and have recommended them to friends who have struggled to find a decent accountant. I've been with Burgis & Bullock for so long, and they've provided an excellent service so I've never thought of moving. Any queries I've had on any invoices that I thought may be a little too high, I speak to Sean directly and he will revise it for me. If someone is doing all that for you you can't complain. ...
Name:Sucha Bansal
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Property Development and Rental
Company:Banban Ltd/Haiban House Ltd/Vertical Homes Ltd
Town:Sutton Coldfield
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Personal Tax & Finance
All members of the team are professional and personal at the same time. Everyone we deal with on a regular basis knows our business and how we work. Nothing is a problem for the team to sort out and they all generally go the extra mile to be helpful.
Company CommentGreat to hear that we are providing you with an high standard of service. Thank you Sara for letting us know and may we carry on going that "extra mile" for you.
Name:Sara Wilkins
Job Title:Director
Sector:Market Research
Company:Researchcraft Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax
I like the fact that Burgis & Bullock are quite corporate, but personal; I feel they're big enough to cope but small enough to care. The biggest benefit has been the technology that they have implemented into their business; they're very proactive with technology, I feel, for an accounting firm, compared to previous accountants, and that's really benefited the business. I used to use QuickBooks before but I've started using Xero which Burgis & Bullock recommended, and on the back of that I've started using Fluidly and Receipt Bank which saves me loads of time from an expenses point of view. I love that I can just take a picture and send it to them and know it's done, and I can just throw the receipt away, and that's all driven by the fact that they embrace technology, otherwise I'd still be muddling along with QuickBooks. Burgis & Bullock are more expensive than previous accountants but I feel it's good value for money. They...
Company CommentThank you Nicole for your encouraging words. Getting the balance right between being a large organisation to provide the necessary services needed and still providing friendly and direct service is very important. Keeping up with technical innovations enables us to provide you with the best support for the whole range of services we provide for you.
Name:Nicole Markham
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Sales & Marketing
Company:Sales Bond Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
Two main things stand out about Burgis & Bullock; I have a dedicated person who looks after my day to day affairs, particularly PAYE, and the other key factor is that they use Xero and are able to support me with anything I need when it comes to the accounts side. It's more of a confidence thing; Burgis & Bullock don't get involved in the day to day stuff, that's for me to do, but with them having their eyes and ears open on the accounts and taxes, and knowing they're there in the background and I can get any advice I need, which is good. I'm more than happy with them an I'd recommend them to anybody.
Company CommentThank you David. It is so nice to see that you are happy to recommend us to other people in need of the services that we provide. We know how important it is to have dedicated contacts to provide continuity and the best service. Use of systems like Xero enables everyone to be viewing the most up to date information and to act accordingly.
Name:David Hall
Job Title:Owner/Director
Sector:Printing Services
Company:Harvest Communications Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Audit, Tax Planning, Payroll
Proactive..personal..and very efficient... Nigel Maull is outstanding.
Name:Barry Iskander
Job Title:Director
Sector:abs pottery imports limited
Company:ABS Pottery Imports Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I deal with Trevor Day and have done for over 20 years. He comes to me and it's all good. Burgis & Bullock do my accounts, which is what they're there for. My last accountant unfortunately died so I was recommended to Burgis & Bullock and I've been with them ever since and have had no reason to change. I think I've been with them for 25 years at least.
Company CommentPeter, your kind comments are very much appreciated. Working together for 25 years must say that we are doing things right. May we also thank you for being a valued customer for all these past years and look forward to working with you for many years to come.
Name:Peter Morton
Job Title:Owner
Company:The Morton Partnership
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Business Coaching, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Personal Tax & Finance


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Burgis & Bullock to the Rescue - When Romi Machines Chose the Wrong Accountant.
Romi EL 75 Injection Moulding Machine – Romi use Burgis and Bu

Romi Machines UK Ltd left Burgis and Bullock on the promise of better prices, but they regretted it and came back. Have you ever been attracted by low prices and regretted it later?

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"Burgis & Bullock are extremely responsive and highly professional. They work remotely with Xero accounting software. It's just seamless; it just works really well. I've been with them now for 10-12 years, maybe more. I worked with one other company before and Burgis & Bullock are head and shoulders above them, providing accurate accounts that I've been able to rely upon. Burgis & Bullock assist me in planning as well, it's not just a historical accountancy service. They're extremely helpful in any way I want; They do my payroll, manage pensions for me, they do everything, and they're not terribly expensive compared with my previous company."
Company Reply:
Barry, firstly, let us say thank you for your kind words and your feedback. The Burgis & Bullock team always appreciate their client’s input and comments. Barry Iskander is a Director of ABS Pottery Imports Limited. His company is a specialist trade supplier of authentic, high quality, terracotta cookware and kitchen accessories sourced from across Europe. We’re looking forward to the next twelve years and continuing to deliver the same standard of service, and seeing ABS Pottery grow even more.
Barry Iskander
Job Title:
Pottery Imports
ABS Pottery Imports
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About Burgis and Bullock: Burgis & Bullock, Chartered Accountants, and Business Advisors. 3 main offices in the Midlands (Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Stratford on Avon) with satellite offices in Leicester, Rugby & Central London. Operating mainly in the Midlands but with clients across the UK and Internationally.

Part of TAG Alliances (International Accounting and Legal Group of independent firms) Providing business, financial and taxation advice and services to businesses and individuals. Everything from business start-ups to international companies, bookkeeping and payroll compliance through Cloud Accounting, management reporting & software consultancy, tax planning, R&D Claims, Corporate Audit and Assurance and corporate finance.

Problems Addressed: Headaches of running a business day to day, simplification of record keeping, provision of up to date and reliable business information to enable better business decisions, assurance that statutory requirements are being taken care of, pro-active advice (where relevant), Agony Aunt (Uncle), assurance that you have someone on your side!

Ideal Client Profile: See above really anyone with an open mind who will take advice and ask for help. Must have a realistic budget and a Partnership mentality, be personable and serious about their business. Usually, OMB/Family companies or charities who want more than just a year-end (compliance) service.

Why Chose Burgis and Bullock: We are not simply interested in our client’s history, but are more focused on their future – their business growth, their ambitions, planning their retirement and making sure their assets are adequately protected. As accountants, we pride ourselves on helping our local business community; being approachable, enthusiastic and, above all, effective!

If you know of anyone whose current accountants are not responsive to their needs or simply lack the inspiration or motivation to help you drive their client’s business forward, suggest have an informal, no obligation chat with Burgis and Bullock. They will find our approach refreshingly different.

Leamington Spa: 23-25 Waterloo Pl, Warwick St, Leamington Spa CV32 5LA

01926 451 000

Nuneaton: Gethin House, 36 Bond Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4DA

02476 348 448

Stratford: 8 Elm Court, Arden Street, Stratford, CV37 6PA

01926 451 000

Rugby: Valiant Office Suites, Lumonics House, Valley Drive, Swift Valley, Rugby, CV21 1TQ

02476 348 448

London: 17 Cavendish Sqr, London, W1G 0PH

020 7788 7853

Leicester: Gateway House, 4 Penman Way, Grove Business Park, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 1SY

02476 348 448