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The service provided by Arkle is incredibly personal and they will always go above and beyond to deliver some good customer service. Jay Lucas in particular, who has been our main contact at Arkle, has been fantastic since the beginning in facilitating the process. The product we've got from Arkle is very non-standard, so they've almost reinvented the wheel specifically for our business, so we're very grateful for everything that they've done. We, as a small business, require tailored support to grow. The product which was offered is something which isn't offered by every high street lender, and it came at a good price and with fantastic hand holding from start to finish. Service - 6/5!
Name:Dan Parsons
Job Title:COO
Sector:Retail, Electric Bicycles.
Company:Fully Charged
Service(s) Provided: Fixed Term Rental
Arkle have always been very good; good supporters of Johnson Reed. We've dealt with them for many years. I've been here for 12 years and they were on the funding panel from day one. We've seen lenders come and go but Arkle have always been there, rock solid. When you think of Arkle, you think of stability. They provide a consistent level of service, it's never dipped. They're always on end of the phone. It's been a good relationship. Lenders go through phases where they'll support partiular sectors, such as catering, but if you get a lender who's had a couple of bad deals, or deals gone wrong, they've backed out of that sector, which I've never experienced with Arkle; You know what you're going to get, it doesn't come as a shock. Each of the lenders have their own quirks and I would say on a comparison level, from proposal to underwriting, to payout, again you just get that consistency with Arkle that you don't...
Name:Adrian Barratt
Job Title:Seinor account manager
Company:Johnson Reed
Service(s) Provided: Corporate Finance, Fixed Term Rental, Hire Purchase, Marine Mortgage, Finance Lease, Business finance, Consumer finance
It was very personalised. The guy came to meet us rather than it just being a computer. It was quick and easy, incredibly efficient, and an actual human being. I've used loads of different finance companies and the biggest difference was speaking to an actual person, and you meet the guy, you actually get to shake hands with him. It's an old school way of doing business but it's the proper way.
Name:Robert Over
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Boat Building & Hire
Company:Clifton Cruisers
Service(s) Provided: Light Aircraft Mortgage
It's a personal service and you can talk to them. Arkle Finance provided me funding for the business. I would describe them as a little above others I've used. They did what I needed and gave their best effort.
Name:Bhupindar Chowdhary
Job Title:Owner
Sector:Chartered Accountants
Company:Chowdary & Co
Service(s) Provided: Loan, Business finance
Arkle Finance are honest, trustworthy, fair, and flexible. They're an important lender to us because of their product range and flexibility; they sit quite nicely in our portfolio.
Name:Marcus Gregory
Job Title:Director
Sector:Business Finance
Service(s) Provided: Hire Purchase, Loan, Finance Lease, Business finance
It was just so straightforward; most of all it was a very simple process. The information Arkle requested was easy to deal with and it was processed very efficiently and quickly. The main benefit to us was in efficiency, and I would certainly use Arkle again without a shadow of a doubt. It's another line of easy finance. ...
Name:Steven Wilch
Job Title:Partner
Company:Clifford Roberts Chartered Accountants
Service(s) Provided: Light Aircraft Mortgage
The process was quite straightforward. We were able to get the product that we needed. Arkle were a lot easier to use and a lot cheaper than other similar companies.
Name:Belinda Credland
Sector:Forestry Work Services
Company:Forestry Land Consultant
Service(s) Provided: Hire Purchase, Finance
We like the fact that Arkle are flexible; they are happy to talk about the best way to structure the deal and are generally easy people to deal with. Working with Arkle we take some business that we wouldn't otherwise take, which means we can make more money. Arkle provide a similar level of service to others but they are probably a bit more helpful when it comes to getting a deal done.
Name:Robert Eggleston
Job Title:Head of Credit and Legal
Sector:Assett Finance Company
Company:Maxxia Ltd
Town:Newport Pagnell
Service(s) Provided: Corporate Finance, Delivery Up Guarantee, Fixed Term Rental, Hire Purchase, Loan, Finance Lease, Business finance, Consumer finance
I like how clearly Arkle communicate and how helpful they are in trying to actually get the deal to bed. They're flexible as well. Working with Arkle has given me an option to provide that type of finance to my customers. I've only done 2 deals with them but both for assets that I couldn't have done elsewhere, so ultimately they've allowed me to earn money I otherwise wouldn't have earned. Arkle are more flexible than other lenders, and you can talk a deal through with them; the underwriters are available which helps. Arkle seem to work with you rather than against you.
Name:Chris Leverett
Job Title:Director
Company:Driven Assett Finance
Service(s) Provided: Hire Purchase
Arkle are prepared to work with us to find a solution for a customer's need. Working with Arkle has helped us increase the size of our customer base in a couple of key segments. Arkle are a little more expensive than many lenders but that is understandable given the product base.
Name:Shane Thomas
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Specialist Asset Finance Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Corporate Finance, Fixed Term Rental, Hire Purchase, Limited Sum Guarantee, Loan, Loan and Chattel Mortgage, Stage Payment Funding, Finance Lease, Business finance


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About Arkle Finance:     As a wholly owned subsidiary of Weatherbys Bank, we have been providing asset finance and other forms of financial assistance to both businesses and individuals since 1997. Our lending policy is ethical and your needs as our customer are at the forefront of our business model. We work with over 150 introducers in the UK, including brokers, consultants, manufacturers, vendors and professionals, and these relationships are founded on mutual trust and respect.


Problems Addressed:     Flexible as to the equipment covered by finance. Provides for all types of requirements; Hard, Soft and intangible equipment requirements. Obtain equipment now without the delay or requirement for large capital outlay or extended approval processes. Accelerate the returns by enabling early acquisition. Preserve vital working capital in the business for deployment in other areas.  Aligns expenditure with the returns expected from the use of that equipment/ investment

Ideal Client Profile:         IDEALLY: Businesses established 3 years+, solid financial history, Requirements ideally between £15,000-£350,000 (£2.5k minimum) for  (in)tangible equipment items on terms of 3 -5 years


Why Chose Arkle Finance:           We have been providing asset finance and other forms of financial assistance to both businesses and individuals since 1997. Our lending policy is ethical and your needs as our customer are at the forefront of our business model. We work with over 150 introducers in the UK, including brokers, consultants, manufacturers, vendors and professionals, and these relationships are founded on mutual trust and respect.

Arkle Finance Ltd:
Brian Jerome – Associate Director
E:  T: 01933 304791
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About Brian:      Brian’s Role is to develop, manage and oversee the growth of the Sales functions at Arkle Finance Limited and represent all aspects of the business growth in line with the strategic direction of the company and Weatherby's Banking Group