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The attention and time taken by the Genies to look after my clients. They were patient, caring and understanding. This was key particularly with some of my more fragile clients.
Company CommentThanks Moira. The team love looking after you and your clients.
Name:Moira Tonge
Service(s) Provided:
For Archipelago Choice having a friendly voice at the end of the phone is essential. I have been amazed by the number of out of hours calls that come through compared to the few phone messages we used to get.
Company CommentThank you for your feedback Ian. The genies love assisting your clients, day or night.
Name:Ian Coates
Service(s) Provided:
I found out about the Office Genie through Entrepreneurs Circle and boy am I pleased about that. I am a self employed decorator whom hates answering the phone, let alone the times when it is not actually safe to do so. The Genies are so professional that within the first week they worked for me, new and existing customers commented how professional they were. New customers secured, existing customers valued. Perfect 👌. Without a doubt, highly recommended, skilled - but above all, a pleasure to work with. They really look to understand your needs and offer help and advice at every step of the way.
Company CommentThanks for your fabulous feedback Adam. Chief Genie started the business to support her decorator husband so we know exactly where you are coming from. If there is anything else we can do to assist, just let us know.
Name:Adam Carter
Company:Decorating Services
Service(s) Provided:
We're quite unique because The Office Genie provide their service free of charge to us as we're a charity which is amazing! As a charity getting something free of charge is as important as getting a donation so we really value that. On occasions where we have to go to meetings or we have a day out or something like that we're able to do that now without the worry of not answering to our supporters, so it removes the concerns of not responding as they literally just step in and be us for a day. I don't think you could get much better. We've never had any issues whatsoever. We feel that we're getting the absolute best that we could from them at this time.
Company CommentThank you for your lovely feedback Billy. You have been the charity we have chosen to work alongside for over 8 years now, and its a privilege to look after you and your supporters. Thank you for trusting us to look after you.
Name:Billy Sharpe
Job Title:Supporter Care Team Leader
Sector:Charity Emergency Service
Company:The Air Ambulance Service
Service(s) Provided:
The knowledge and attention to detail in getting to know my business. Very efficient and friendly telephone manner. Would highly recommend.
Company CommentThank you for your feedback Ann. We love supporting you and your business.
Name:Ann Cope
Job Title:Director
Company:ShabbyAnd ltd t/a Autentico Paint UK
Service(s) Provided:
I often get complimented by my patients on how friendly the "lady on the phone" was. They assume that they are in the room next door to me, and when told they are a good few miles away, they are always surprised. Podiatry has the potential to be complex but the Genies do a great job of keeping callers relevantly informed.
Company CommentThank you for your feedback Dave, your Genies love taking your calls and helping your clients. We also look forward to your weekly comments about your movements the following week with great anticipation, never knowing what quirky fact you are going to share with us. Its the highlight of a Thursday afternoon :)
Name:Dave James
Job Title:Foot and Leg Magician
Company:Walk Specialist Footcare Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
Genuinely interested in what my business does, how they can help it grow and keep me sane. Great process that has been tested through the urgent nature of supporting technical issues. Not yet found wanting. Gives me great confidence and feeling of freedom as well as a professional contact into my business which has been complimented upon already by callers. I can only see that I will build on how much I use The Office Genie.
Name:Hazel Langley
Job Title:Company Director
Company:Induction Junction Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
Very friendly and efficient telephone operators.
Name:Stewart Wyer
Job Title:Proprietor
Sector:Motor Trade
Service(s) Provided:
We have dealt with Armchair as an answering service for quite some years and during the relationship, there was very limited interaction, the difference with Office Genie is their interest in our business and the willingness to adapt their systems to fit in with ours.
Company CommentDear Chris, thank you so much for your superb comments, we are delighted to be working with you.
Name:Chris Harvey
Job Title:General Aftersales Manager
Sector:Motor retailer and repairer
Company:Buckingham Ford
Service(s) Provided:
The Office Genie provide a personal and flexible service. My customers don't realise that it's them answering the phone. The downside sometimes is they say 'why can't you just step out of the office and talk to someone'. The way the phone's answered and the professionalism are the stand out points. It means I can leave the phone and ignore it. I just send them an email to say I'm busy and they deal with it which allows me to concentrate. I've been using them for 3 years or more maybe? I'd shied away from other companies like this as I had the experience of ringing clients who used call handlers and you could tell, but I know that Jackie gets professionals and trains her staff well. I watched from afar before I jumped in. They're at the top of their game. I'm fussy and I could not enhance what they do.
Name:Colin Hilbourne
Job Title:Director/Secretary
Sector:Car Dealiership
Company:The Garage at Blakesley
Service(s) Provided:


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About The Office Genie: The Office Genie provides an award-winning, full-service, tailor-made administrative support that can help all sorts of businesses grow. We are a team of dedicated experts providing businesses with cost-effective, professional solutions to problems you wish you didn’t have to deal with.

By doing everything from answering the phone and booking customer appointments/managing diaries to chasing payments, order processing, email management and lots of other PA tasks, The Office Genie helps business owners and their teams deliver a personal service to every customer whilst keeping on top of their work.

Problems Addressed: There are two main problems we help businesses deal with: Most businesses are either a slave to their phones or missing calls which lead to missing customers. We make sure you don’t have to choose between productivity and customer service ever again.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle an entire call on your behalf rather than just taking a message. Low-value work getting in the way of high-value work such as chasing/taking payments, arranging appointments/travel/events, email management, basically anything you might give to admin staff. Every minute spent doing work like that is a minute not spent running and growing a business (or enjoying cocktails on the beach or being with the family).

Ideal Client Profile: Less than 30 staff (usually with one or no receptionists) Frequently unavailable staff - perhaps out on appointments, in client meetings, or undertaking focus-intensive work such as accounts/legal prep Eager to grow while conscious of overheads and not prepared to sacrifice quality of service Turnover less than £5m

Why Chose The Office Genie: An award-winning service which comes with a money-back guarantee A team with over 250 years’ collective experience for less than the cost of a coffee a day Flexible support for you and your business that adapts and grows alongside you A service tailored to our clients requirements, not “one size fits all”