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The Chat Service you provide is a total no-brainer and I hate to think about how much work we would lose without it. I had another really nice example last week! We received a chat transcript at 12:04 on the Wednesday, called back and agreed to talk properly at 15:30. Spoke, provided a demonstration, they asked for a free trial and were setup at 16:25, by 16:30 the first of several clients were loaded. The Chat Heroes service just works, over and over again. If you had asked me whether our website was a lead generator a few weeks ago, I would have said not. Thanks to you and your team, even with the relatively low number of visitors, the website is regularly delivering warm enquiries. Using Chat Heroes has dramatically increased our conversion of website visitors to warm sales enquiry rates. Please pass on my thanks to Sam and the rest of the team and keep up the good work.
Company CommentThank you Steve. It’s great to know Chat Heroes are helping you, your accountants and their clients enjoy greater business success. Steve is one of the founders of VFD-Pro, they provide a unique Financial Analysis and Reporting service that is used by Accountants, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers to convert raw data into meaningful management information. When VFD-Pro highlight businesses who need more sales via their website, Chat Heroes are frequently part of the answer. As an example, by delivering a 12 times increase in website lead generation, (as quoted by one of the Accountants VFD-Pro introduced us to). Thank you Steve, it is great to know Chat Heroes are contributing to the success of VFD Pro, we look forward to working together for many years to come.
Name:Steve Darnell
Job Title:Director
Company:VFD-Pro Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
The service provided by Chat Heroes has increased what we can do with our business outside of business hours; the fact that there's someone there when we can't be is a big plus, and lets us get all the data and information about someone who's got an enquiry, which we wouldn't have been able to do. Working with Chat Heroes increases the opportunities for sales, and also means when people may not have the opportunity to call, or they don't want to call, it's an easier and more informal entry. Chat Heroes actually approached us; they managed to get hold of the person they needed to get hold of here and we thought anyone who could do that and help our sales must be good. I can tell they're doing a good job as I don't have to get in touch with them often.
Name:Jonathan Gilbert
Job Title:Director
Sector:Defribilator Service, Maintenance and Training
Company:Defib Machines
Service(s) Provided:
The service provided by Chat Heroes is very proactive; it gets peoples attention when they come on our website. It's just a better way of grabbing leads and then converting them rather than people popping onto the site and dodging off. I haven't been working with them that long as we're a new businesses but we've definitely seen retention of people on our website and we were able to book valuations, and talk to people who wanted to view a property, and that kind of thing. We used another similar service in the past but it was just set up so that if someone sent a message it came through to a mobile phone, whereas Chat Heroes goes to a person who can start a conversation with them. Chat Heroes were recommended to us by our website design company.
Name:Ross Parker
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Estate and Letting Agents and Property Management
Company:Seven Keys
Service(s) Provided:
Live chat on our website was an obvious communications tool that we didn't offer. I'd spoken to Paul Lawton at Chat Heroes on a couple of occasions and having a manned chat log on our website just made absolute sense. ...
Company CommentThank you, Sean, for your excellent feedback. Sean Farnell is a Partner at Burgis & Bullock, a fantastic chartered accountancy practise based in the Midlands, offering financial services and business advice. They've won many awards including Best Private Client Tax Team 2016 and Corporate Finance Team of the Year 2014 and are leading the charge in terms of making tax digital. We are delighted to be working with Sean and Burgis & Bullock to provide web chat services to their website and help generate leads through their web traffic. Thanks again Sean.
Name:Sean Farnell
Service(s) Provided:
Chat Heroes is pretty unique because you can tell by the contents of the chat, that you get when they send the transcript through, that their staff care, they're trying to provide good customer service and they're being part of your team. We've been using them for a couple of years. We get to know about people who are visiting our website which we wouldn't already know and they manage to capture the details so that we can achieve a sale from it.
Company CommentMany thanks Andrew for your excellent feedback on our live chat services, we are eminently grateful. Since qualifying as a solicitor in the year 2000, Andrew Simpson has undertaken a wide range of cases but now spend a majority of his time dealing with commercial property transactions as a director of Mortons Law. Mortons was established in the 19th century and currently has offices in Sunderland city centre and Seaham. All their solicitors are specialists within their chosen fields and have a wealth of experience between them so you can be sure that you have the nonpareil legal representative for your case. It’s great to be providing services to such an established and long lasting firm.
Name:Andrew Simpson
Job Title:Director
Company:Mortons Law
Service(s) Provided:
The administrators who are answering the chats are fantastic and have followed our FAQ's brilliantly. handled professionally at all times giving a great customer service for members and non-members to website.
Company CommentThank you for providing your valuable feedback Leanda it’s much appreciated by us at Chat Heroes. Leanda Hickman is the Marketing & Operations Manager at the Forum of Private Business, a non-profit comprehensive business support organisation committed to providing advice, support and protection to their members across the UK, 24/7. Originally founded in 1977 the Forum of Private Business is now a recognised leading authority on business issues and they have built a solid reputation in changing laws that affect small businesses and campaigning for fair treatment of businesses within the UK. We’re very pleased that our tools are able to benefit Leanda and the Forum of Private Businesses so that they are able to continue to support small UK businesses in the best way possible.
Name:Leanda Hickman
Job Title:Marketing and Operations Managers
Sector:Not for Profit
Company:Forum of Private Business
Service(s) Provided:
Allison's team are very flexible, they're really responsive to the needs of the business e.g. we wanted to do something through chat for Black Friday and they picked that up no problem.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided:
ChatHeroes are a brilliant company. They've taken great care of everyone I've thrown at them. ...
Company CommentThank you Paul; for your exceptional feedback, your kind words are really appreciated. Paul Gillon is the Managing Director of Websites 4 Start-ups. Paul and his team create stunning, cost effective websites and provide a full range of web services for small and start-up businesses. We are delighted to be working with you and to be able to help your clients serve their customers better. We are very thankful for your support and collaboration and wish every success for the future. Best wishes, Paul Lawton – Director – ChatHeroes.
Name:Paul Gillon
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Web Development and Online Marketing
Company:Websites 4 Startups Ltd.
Service(s) Provided:
It engages our customer when they visit our website. People come to our site for all manner of reasons and it's important to know what they're looking for and what they're trying achieve so that we can assist them.
Name:Howard Davies
Job Title:Operations Director
Company:Just Cash Flow
Service(s) Provided:
Chat Heroes seem pretty decent. They always respond if we have any queries or thoughts and they do a good job running our chat for us. We didn't have live chat on our last website before we started working with Chat Heroes so the process of qualifying leads on our website via chat is not something we did before. They do a good job. I don't have any complaints at all.
Name:Adam Laird
Job Title:Director
Sector:Software for Property Market
Service(s) Provided:


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