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I wanted to say a massive thank you! Participation in both the group and 1-2-1 sessions have made me take the time to evaluate my business so that it can grow and become more successful in the future. And it’s working! My peer sessions have been especially helpful and quickly identified internal areas to focus on and provided insightful knowledge from the high levels of experience within the room.
Name:Sarah Rowe
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice
ASGF help me make more money. I know them personally and trust them. They're a business growth company so they've helped my business grow which resulted in me earning more. ASGF provided structure to the way the business operates and as a result we run more efficiently. They're performing well.
Company CommentThanks Ben, very kind of you to says so and I'm pleased in the way that you have taken the advice on board so that the way you are running the business is now as stunning as the bathrooms and plumbing systems that you install. Charles McClelland
Name:Ben Carlin
Job Title:Director
Sector:Plumbing & Heating Specialists
Company:Red hot Heating
Service(s) Provided:
I like the fact that Charlie is very much a planning guy; he tries to put a plan in place that you can all follow. He's very much of the opinion that it does need to be realistic. He'll always try and push you that little bit further if possible. The main benefit has been the structure; treating it more like a business as opposed to a job, looking for avenues for growth and putting the systems in place to enable that to happen. I knew Charlie from a networking event and after an initial consultation my needs fitted in very well with how he could help me.
Company CommentThanks Luke, and that's good to hear from someone that really listens, carefully diagnoses and then plans superb treatments and exercises that really work. I have seen and heard what people have said about Zen Anatomy and I know that you succeed in providing mobility and/or un-medicated pain relief where others have failed.
Name:Luke Morgan
Job Title:Owner
Sector:Sports Therapy/Injury Clinic
Company:Zen Anatomy
Town:Gerrards Cross, Stoke Poges, Hounslow
Service(s) Provided:
ASGF were very honest and direct. It's helped me to think through a lot of areas that we maybe didn't spend enough time considering, that were swept under the carpet. ASGF were good at going through all the basics and making sure we weren't leaving things undone. Some of them were planned to do right away and some when time allows, but I felt we were able to cover the whole business and give it a good once over. ASGF contacted us over the phone and the pitch was interesting enough to agree to have a chat and after a couple of meetings we decided to give them a go. Overall I'm very, very happy with what we got from them.
Company CommentThanks Adam, it was a pleasure working with you and I can see why, (once we made a few improvements) your sales started climbing quickly leading to your profits rising dramatically: your address look-up software is superb and by all accounts very easy for a developer to integrate and it makes a positive contribution to the web-site owners bottom line as mis-shipments and "lost" deliveries are significantly reduced. It's great news that the business sold quickly easily ahead of your target time.
Name:Adam Stylo
Job Title:Owner/MD
Sector:B2B software
Company:Crafty Clicks
Service(s) Provided:
ASGF are punctual; when Charlie says he'll do something he does it, and he does it well. Working with ASGF is thought provoking. Charlie challenges me and makes me think about things, then we discuss, and put in place a plan, all of which helps to drive the business forward. Within my company we have a similar resource but it's not good enough which is why I've chosen to go external and pay for the service that ASGF offers.
Company CommentThanks Jon-Paul, I'm glad that feel that your business is not getting a sense of direction and purpose that is driving the business forwards in an accelerated way. As you yourself know from the great Financial advice that you give, the thought that goes into the right long-term solution is key to a mutually beneficial relationship. Charles McClelland
Name:Jon-Paul Hardy
Job Title:Owner
Sector:Wealth Management
Company:St James Place Wealth Management
Town:Farnham Common
Service(s) Provided:
The service has been very good, the communication has been excellent. The information they've brought into the company, the procedures they've introduced, it's all been very, very good actually. The business has benefited very well; the staff are now working to a routine, how they should be, procedures have been brought into place, job descriptions etc. It's all very positive. I go to a business networking meeting and met one of their reps, listened to his presentations, and thought "Yep, I could do with this help". What they've brought in has been very good. It's a tried and tested system and it works.
Company CommentThanks Michael, very kind of you to say so, and in your line of business it's not one where we can easily drum up "new business". The way that you have taken on the new processes and dovetailed them into the sensitivity and dignified way you do things has just been awesome to watch. Charles McClelland
Name:Michael Tiney
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Funeral Directors
Company:Southall Funeral Service
Service(s) Provided:
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