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We were looking out for someone who could help us with our sales process. One of my colleagues came across Karen at the sales expo and thought that from the way she came across, and the one on one conversation she had with her, that Karen had something to offer. I looked at her methodology and it very much resounded with what we wanted to do so it went from there.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Marketing & Sales
For me it was very quick and efficient. I now have a good idea of what customers think and if there were any issues I would be notified so I could take corrective measures.
Name:Cliff Spolander
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales
I met Karen at a Sales exhibition and listened to her Seminar her passion and enthusiasm as well as knowledge of her subject is what made us choose to work with Elation.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Marketing & Sales
Business Optics are very friendly, very professional, and instantly make you feel at ease. I've gained a few more clients and I've managed to increase my revenue as a result of working with Business Optics. I met Cliff about a year ago and originally he was one of my clients. As we got chatting I realised that he had skills that would help me as well, So that's why I started using Business Optics for advice.
Company CommentKim, thank you for your kind feedback. It is great seeing your business grow! Kim is the owner of KCL Accounting and I can say first-hand, that Kim is extremely hardworking and dedicated. Her attention to detail and customer service is second to none. We look forward to hitting all your targets in the next 12 months!
Name:Kim Lanighan
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Business Consultancy, Business Advice, Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales
Melt has always been consistent with their great level of services, always happy to help and have produced some amazing websites for us. Nothing was ever too much. They always managed our monthly hours to ensure we got the most done. They have a fantastic quality team who is always happy to help and who have a wide range of skill sets. They produced 7 websites for us in 12 months - just fantastic.
Name:Janequi Carsandas
Service(s) Provided: Creative Design, Website Design, Marketing & Sales