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Ben worked closely with me to achieve a great financial and administrative saving for Rotamec. All of the supply changeovers were handled by BCR Associates meaning we could immediately save money through their expertise. We are really pleased that we were put in touch with BCR Associates as there was no cost or obligation from the outset, yet we ended up financially better off.
Name:Claire Pearson
Job Title:Finance Manager
Star rating: n/a
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Facing difficulties with our electricity supplier, we contacted BCR Associates in the hope they would overcome these issues. Working closely with them, we opened dialogue with the incumbent supplier. BCR Associates then placed us on a more favourable contract that reduced our spend whilst removing the administrative problems we were originally facing.
Name:Client details withheld
Star rating: n/a
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On moving to a new, empty site is Stalbridge, Ben and the team at BCR Associates assisted in managing all of our requirements whilst also providing alternative options for funding of the extensive ground works and changes. This freed up our time to concentrate on the development and installation of our commercial laundry. I have no hesitation in recommending BCR as they have saved us considerable time, money and administration.
Name:Peter Swan
Job Title:Director
Company:Guarantee Laundries
Star rating: n/a
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I know Stuart from when he started the business, we were probably one of his first customers, and he has a real can do approach. He very quickly understands what our needs and priorities are and finds us appropriate prices and solutions. He continues to follow up to make sure we're satisfied with what he's given us, and to come to us with new ideas for how he can help us. We have focused on improving our efficiency; we did a full review of our utilities consumption and switched out a lot of our lighting and so forth over the last 4 years which has saved us costs. ...
Name:Tony DeJeager
Service(s) Provided: SMART Energy Management Service (SEMS), Energy Management Survey (EMS), Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Electrical Services, Electric Saving Solutions, Gas Saving Solutions, Renewable Energy
I like SMARTech's self sufficiency; I give them the job and they they go and do it without coming back with lots of questions. It's still too early to say the benefit we'll see from it; the project they're doing for me won't finish until December.
Name:John Felgate
Service(s) Provided: Energy Management Survey (EMS)
I like the depth of the investigation that SMARTech do before they make a proposal: It shows that they're understanding our problems and creating a solution that's based around our needs rather than just trying to sell us something out of the box. Also it forms the basis of a specification so that if what they install doesn't work as they've said it will, it's not down to us to spend more money trying to get it to the level we thought it would be at. It makes it really clear what we're buying into. SMARTech have helped us to save energy and they've also helped us to improve the working conditions with the ventilation system they've installed. I like the fact that they're local to where I am which makes it easy because they can come to site regularly. Also we are quite a large business and I try, where possible, to spend money our money locally.
Name:Martin Waller
Service(s) Provided: Energy Management Survey (EMS), Electrical Services, Electric Saving Solutions, Renewable Energy