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I think for us the biggest thing that stood out was how useful it was to do the exercise; often we get some good feedback from our clients and we always ask them to do feedback forms, so we're used to getting good feedback, but it was good to get some things to improve on as well because that's the feedback people often don't give on a normal feedback form; they'll give the good bits but rarely the stuff to do better so that's useful for us. ...
Company CommentEmma, thank you for your extremely positive feedback.
Name:Emma Kersey
Job Title:Head of Growth & Client Services
Company:Elation Experts
Service(s) Provided: Marketing & Sales, Client Engagement
I think the value for us is the fact that we've been able to quantify the value of work that we're delivering, and also get some completely independent, unfettered feedback, so we get some home truths that perhaps wouldn't be delivered to us directly. This has meant that we've been able to put some of those snippets of information into awards that we've entered for customer service, and we won the Brilliance Award for Customer Service,and we were able to use quite a lot of data collected by Enquir3 to do that. We've also been able to feed back to our team about how we're doing as a business and how people feel about the service we provide, and the service of team members, so it's been valuable for internal communication, reassured us where we were doing well, as well as highlighted any problems arising that we weren't fully aware of, and also a bit of a wake up where there were niggles we weren't aware of. We also hoped it might...
Name:Catherine Jenkins
Job Title:Director
Sector:Design Agency
Company:Maxx Design
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement
The service provided by Enquir3 was open, friendly, quick and well described. I've got some good testimonials, reassured myself that customers I thought were happy are happy, and I know I can use those testimonials to good advantage going forwards. I really like the video Enquir3 produced and would like to use it on my website and marketing. I was impressed by the speed with which this was carried out, and the professional approach and results. I would be happy to use Enquir3's services again in the future.
Name:Carl Kruger
Job Title:Director
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement Audit, Client Engagement
For me it was very quick and efficient. I now have a good idea of what customers think and if there were any issues I would be notified so I could take corrective measures.
Name:Cliff Spolander
Service(s) Provided: Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales
Business Optics are very friendly, very professional, and instantly make you feel at ease. I've gained a few more clients and I've managed to increase my revenue as a result of working with Business Optics. I met Cliff about a year ago and originally he was one of my clients. As we got chatting I realised that he had skills that would help me as well, So that's why I started using Business Optics for advice.
Company CommentKim, thank you for your kind feedback. It is great seeing your business grow! Kim is the owner of KCL Accounting and I can say first-hand, that Kim is extremely hardworking and dedicated. Her attention to detail and customer service is second to none. We look forward to hitting all your targets in the next 12 months!
Name:Kim Lanighan
Service(s) Provided: Business Advice, Business Consultancy, Business Advice, Client Engagement, Marketing & Sales