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Re the Covid-19 situation, Dale, thank you very much; the resources that you have been sending through are very helpful and we have been sharing them with our ConsultingRoom members. Sue has also been fantastic, as always! …. And I know that I only need to email or pick the phone up for support from both of you, which is very welcome!
Company CommentThank you Ron for your wonderful comments. The COVID-19 situation has been a difficult time for many. We are pleased to have been of help to you in these challenging times. We have been doing our best to support our clients during the crisis and will carry on supporting them during the recovery period and when things hopefully get back to a state of normality.
Name:Ron Myers
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy, Accountancy
Burgis & Bullock are quick, efficient, and very organised. We are a very small outfit. It's a freehold property where there are 4 who share the freehold and we run the property on an annual basis. Burgis & Bullock do the financial statements for the company for the year, prepare the reports, and file with companies house. We supply the information and they do the job. Burgis & Bullock are very good at what they do. They were recommended to us around 20 years ago.
Company CommentCharles, firstly, let us say thank you for your kind words and your feedback. The Burgis & Bullock team always appreciate their client’s input and comments. We look forward to supporting you into the future.
Name:Charles Caffarate
Company:Number 54 Elsham Road Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy, Accountancy
I like that Burgis & Bullock are friendly and helpful in their approach. They cut through the jargon for me. It's made our life very easy with their advice to actually spend widely within the business, and they have also given us some pointers on how we can do things differently as well. We started using Burgis & Bullock as when we set up the business, over ten years ago, they were at a small business setup event we attended.
Company CommentThank you Rachel, it is great to know that we are delivering the service you need and look forward to continuing to exceed expectations.
Name:Rachel Conlon
Job Title:HR/Finance Director
Company:Axis 3 Design Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy, Accountancy
It's functional; Burgis & Bullock do what they're asked to do and it can be quite hard to find people who do what they're asked to do. Working with Burgis & Bullock keeps the tax man off my back. I've never used another accountant, but I've done work for Burgis & Bullock and I thought that it could work back the other way.
Name:Client details withheld
Service(s) Provided: Tax Planning, Accountancy, Accountancy
For me it's very clear, it's the personal touch; Nigel, who is our day to day accountant, is always there. Any time I pick up the phone, or send an email, there's no waiting and he's always on hand to help, whenever. Working with Burgis & Bullock has benefited our business massively. We're a really small company so we have limited footfall in the office. Working with Burgis & Bullock allows us to use our time and resource more efficiently. With Nigel coming in once a month it makes it so much easier for us. Our CEO engaged with Burgis & Bullock initially, about 15 years ago now. They were a local accountant with a good reputation, and knowing how he engages with companies I expect it was by referral.
Company CommentThank you Kate, it is great to know that we are delivering the service you need and look forward to continuing to exceed expectations. Best wishes - Andrew Chadaway
Name:Kate Bowers
Job Title:Head of People
Sector:Training and Consultancy
Company:PTI Worldwide Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Cloud Accounting, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Accountancy, Accountancy
Burgis & Bullock are very accessible, and come back to us quickly on any queries that we've got. They're always very knowledgeable or they will find out if they don't know. They've certainly provided us with the knowledge that we don’t have in house. Compared to the accountant we had previously they're brilliant. The accountancy firm we used before was very small so they didn't have the specialisms we needed whereas Burgis & Bullock do.
Company CommentOur thanks go to Lee Pettifor, Director of Finance and Resources, of Coventry’s Valley House, for her feedback on our VAT services. As a registered charity, Valley House has partially exempt status under VAT legislation, but because the rules are so complicated, they came to Burgis & Bullock for help when their former accountants didn’t have the specialist knowledge needed. The Burgis & Bullock VAT team are specialists in their field, working extensively with not-for-profit organisations. They work with charities and other organisations to reduce their VAT liabilities, saving their much needed money to help their work in the community. Thank you again for your feedback Lee and keep up the wonderful work you’re all doing at Valley House!
Name:Lee Pettifor
Job Title:Director of Finance and Resources
Sector:Support Services (Charity)
Company:Valley House
Service(s) Provided: Charity, Accountancy, Accountancy